If your business satisfies the following criteria please complete the EOI below to be assessed for inclusion on the Sustainable Supplier List .


Your business is able to offer wholesale prices to industry (ie not a retail only business).

Your business supplies products manufactured from the following materials:

 ✔ Metal
 ✔ Bamboo
 ✔ Wood
 ✔ Paper
 ✔ Paper pulp
 ✔ Wheat
 ✔ Reusable items

✔ Bagasse
✔ Areca palm leaf
✔ Ceramics
✔ Glass
✔ Jute
✔ Cotton

Products containing the following may not be included on the Sustainable Suppliers List:

 ✘ Single-use plastic
 ✘ Degradable plastic
 ✘ Oxo-biodegradable plastic

✘ Compostable plastic
✘ Bioplastic (inc. PLA)
✘ Biodegradable plastic

Business name
Product Details
Do you supply bags?
Do you supply straws?
Do you supply coffee cups & lids?
Do you supply water bottles?
Do you supply cutlery?
Do you supply take-away containers?
I have read and understood the criteria relating to sustainable materials *
I understand my application will be assessed according to the criteria. Applying does not guarantee inclusion on supplier list *