Single-use plastic continues to be a major issue in our environment.... but awareness and solutions are on the rise - and you are part of it.

As well as providing education and initiatives for the community, Council has a program to support and empower businesses in moving away from single-use plastics.

The Swap for Good program includes information, education, resources, supplier lists, events and collaboration opportunities – all with the aim of providing ideas, solutions and alternatives to single-use plastics.

Swap for Good fosters a network of businesses who support each other to share their experiences and stories on the journey.  Its a great time for businesses to join in making the swap to sustainable practices.

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If you would like to explore how your business or school canteen can reduce single-use plastics, fill out this quick survey and we'll help you get started.

Sustainable Supplier List

Northern Beaches Council promotes reusable products and systems over anything. It is also understood that this may not always be possible.

To assist our businesses in sustainable operations and procurement, the Swap for Good program includes a Sustainable Suppliers List. The list includes businesses that provide reusable systems (Swap ‘n go) and suppliers that stock sustainable materials.


Expressions of interest are now open for businesses who would like to be included on the Sustainable Supplier List. The EOI will remain open for businesses to apply throughout the year.

There is a strict criteria surrounding which materials are considered sustainable. Please note materials that contain plastic will not meet the criteria. These criteria will be supported by current scientific research.


Plastic-Free School Canteen Webinar

School canteens play a powerful role in changing the direction of our future.

Sherene LaGasse presented a webinar to learn how to move away from single-use plastic in your school canteen.  Download the text transcript


Alicia (left) and Sasha (right)

Contact Council's Business Waste Educators to talk about single-use plastics in your business: