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Your bin collection day may have changed

To provide the best service for ratepayers, we are consolidating our bin collection which means a new collection day for some residents from 1 July.

Enter your address to find your next collection day and download a calendar.

New smart bins for all residents

Northern Beaches bin replacement program is the biggest ever in Australia!

New smart bins are an essential ingredient in our new waste service which began 1 July 2019. 

All old bins are getting a new life by being recycled into new bins.

What will it cost me?

New domestic waste service charges for residents came into effect on 1 July 2019.

Despite rising costs of recycling, Council is delivering savings and keeping costs contained for Northern Beaches households.

Former Manly Service2018-192019-20
Standard Service$536$405


Former Pittwater Service2018-192019-20
Standard Service$518$405


Former Warringah Service2018-192019-20
Standard Service$389$405
120L red garbage bin service change to new 80L standard service$581$405
120L red garbage bin service change to new 80L standard service + 1 extra 80L red bin (total 160L red garbage bin service)$581$625


What bins am I getting?

The new service is designed for the needs of the majority of the community, delivering better environmental outcomes and keeping costs down.

Single dwellings

The standard service provided under the Domestic Waste Management Charge from 1 July 2019 includes:

  • 1 x 80 litre red garbage bin*
  • 1 X 140 litre yellow container recycling bin
  • 1 X 140 litre blue paper recycling bin
  • Up to two 240 litre green vegetation bins (one bin will be delivered - you can apply for a second bin)

Property owners can increase their services on a user pays basis. Order additional services here

*If property owners already pay for extra red bins, then that same number of new red bins will be delivered.

Multi-unit dwellings

All multi-unit dwellings will receive the equivalent of 80 litres garbage capacity consolidated into shared 240 litre bins. For many multi-unit dwellings the service is the same size and number of red, blue and yellow bins currently used. All strata properties and buildings will receive two green bins initially.

Strata properties can order extra vegetation and recycling services at no extra cost providing they do not exceed the standard service allocation for the total number of units and the bins are stored on the premises, screened from the street. If additional services are required, your Strata Manager or Body Corporate needs to make this request to Council.

Offshore communities

Offshore communities receive all waste and recycling services. Western Foreshore communities receive two vegetation clean ups each year as part of the new service.

All households

In your standard service, each Northern Beaches household also receives:

  • 2 x on demand bulky goods collections per year
  • Up to 300kg of vegetation drop-off per day at Kimbriki at no charge
  • Up to 100kg of bottles, containers and cans drop-off per day at Kimbriki at no charge
  • Metals including degassed refrigerators, freezers and air conditioning units drop-off at Kimbriki at no charge


What if I want more services?

The standard service is designed to meet the needs of most residents. If you require additional capacity you can customise your service to create your own bespoke waste service and manage your waste responsibly.

Costs for additional services are:

Why are all bins being replaced?

Our decades old waste contracts have expired which presented Council with an opportunity to negotiate one brand new service for the Northern Beaches that keeps costs down and delivers better environmental outcomes.

The bins are getting too old – the average age of bins is 10 years old, some around 20 years old. The average life of a garbage bin is 10 years.

We are providing better value for money for our ratepayers - continuing ad-hoc replacement and repair is more expensive than changing all bins at the start of the contract. It is saving ratepayers around $1.2 million.

A great opportunity to benefit from technology - smart bins will integrate with reading and reporting systems on board trucks equipped with GPS and video/camera systems. This provides greater accountability of our service providers and overall improvement of our service to residents.

When are my bins being replaced?

330,000 new bins will be delivered to over 100,000 households. This significant logistical exercise will take around four months and is the biggest bin replacement program ever undertaken in Australia.

You will receive a letter from Council advising you when your bins are being changed over.

It’s a staged process starting with single dwellings in:

  1. North region
  2. South region
  3. Central region

Multi-unit dwellings are scheduled last in the rollout.

What happens to the old bins?

100% of old bins are being recycled into new bins.

What do I need to do with my old bins?

When delivered, the new bins sets will have tags instructing the steps you need to take. Residents will be advised to:

  1. Continue to use your old bins
  2. Put out your full old bins on your usual collection day
  3. Leave your emptied old bins on the street. These will be picked up within a few days. Please don't place anything in the old bins.
  4. Start to use your new bins


Who can order new bins?

Only the property owner, authorised property manager or strata manager can order new bins.

How can I reduce my waste?

Simple steps make a big difference. To help you reduce your household waste, Council provides tips, workshops and alternatives on practical initiatives like composting, nappy alternatives, and Love Food, Hate Waste.

For more information visit Tips to reduce your waste.

Why am I getting an 80 litre red garbage bin?

We all have a responsibility to reduce waste. Four in five Northern Beaches single dwelling households already use 80 litre garbage capacity and are reducing their waste.

Council offers practical education and assistance to support residents to reduce household waste. For more information visit Tips to reduce your waste.

If your situation requires it, you have the option of paying for an extra service. To order extra bins you will need to have received a unique code in a letter from Council.

I am currently paying for a 120 litre red bin. Will I be compensated?

Ratepayers with 120 litre red bins will be delivered 80 litre bins and will be credited for two months for the difference between a 120 litre bin charge and an 80 litre bin charge.

Residents currently paying for extra 120 litre red bins will be delivered that same number of 80 litre bins.

My bin needs replacing now. What do I do?

Before the bin rollout, bins are only being replaced if they are unusable. Here are some guidelines:

  • Bins that are missing a wheel or a lid pin will be repaired
  • If a bin has a slight split but can be used, residents are asked to manage with the damaged bin if possible
  • Bins that are damaged to the point that they are no longer usable can be replaced

I pay for two+ services in my rate, how does this impact me?

If you have more than one rateable property on your land, you will be charged for the same number of services with the applied new rates charge of $405 per service p.a from 1 July 2019. You will receive a set of standard bins in the rollout for each waste service you pay for.

If you have one rateable property and are paying for two services, Council will be reducing the cost of your second service to $278 p.a, saving you $127. If you are eligible for this reduction in waste charges, Council will be sending you a letter to confirm this.

I already paid for an extra green vegetation bin. Why do I have to pay for a new one?

Households are entitled to two green vegetation bins at no extra charge.

The previous charge for extra green bins was a one-off fee covering the costs to deliver an extra bin and provide the additional service. The bins are the property of Council.

Our contractors charge for the green bins and to empty them each fortnight. If residents require more green bins than what most households use, it’s fair that they pay to cover their extra needs.

Residents can order extra green bins and won’t be charged until 1 July 2019.

All old green bins should be given back for recycling during the bin changeover. No old bins will be serviced after the bin changeover.

Why do I have to pay extra for additional yellow and blue recycling bins?

Recycling services are much more expensive than they used to be. The standard set of recycling bins meets the needs of most households and helps keep costs low for the majority. Many residents are getting bigger 140 litre recycling bins.

Residents requiring extra recycling and green bins will be charged, effective 1 July 2019.

I recently got a new bin, why do I need a new one?

All old bins are responsibly being recycled. 

All new bins have smart technology connecting to the new state of the art collection trucks – helping to provide better service delivery, monitoring, finding and replacing bins.

Why does my new 80 litre bin look smaller than my old 80 litre bin?

For some residents the new red bin may be slightly shorter than their old 80 litre red bins. Both bins hold the same volume of waste. The new design provides better stability and is compatible with the new collection trucks. The older model had a false bottom and therefore appeared larger.

Will Council be individually charging residents by the weight of their waste?

No. Council will not be charging residents by individual waste amounts. While Council may be able to weigh individual bins in the future, this would only be used to monitor the charges to Council from our contractors (i.e. so that Council only pays for the waste the contractor collects as part of its contract). It is important for Council to know how much rubbish has been collected from residents so that it can compare the amount that is eventually disposed of by the contractor. This helps keep our costs down.

What is the reason for the chip on the new bins?

What the chip does: The purpose of the chip is to ensure that Council provides the required service to our residents. We will understand how many collections we are making across the area, whether any properties have missed their collections and also ensure bin replacements are well managed. With better information, we can provide a better service and manage our costs.

What the chip can't do: The chip doesn't monitor the waste content of the bin. There is no camera in the chip.

I receive an infirmed service, what should I do?

You don’t need to do anything. Our contractors will manage the process for you.

I find it difficult to use the shorter red garbage bin. What can I do?

Small extension handles are available to purchase. These extend the height of the bin handle and can be also attached to a tow bar.

Why can’t I bundle my garden vegetation waste anymore?

Council’s priority is safety. Bundled and tied vegetation waste poses a safety risk to our collection contractors. Vegetation waste is only accepted in the green vegetation bin. Vegetation will be collected fortnightly.