New Northern Beaches Waste Service

Collection and waste processing contracts start July 2019

Northern Beaches Council has a rare opportunity to implement a holistic next generation waste collection service for Northern Beaches’ residents.

Our new waste processing and collection contracts will commence 1 July 2019. With this, we’ll have one service provider picking up household waste across the Northern Beaches with a fleet of brand new trucks each installed with the all the latest technology to track which bins have been collected and when.

Under the new disposal contract all contents of the red lidded garbage bin will go to a processing facility using technology to remove any recyclables left in the bin and the organic material, such as food waste, paper etc and turn this into compost to be used in mine site rehabilitation.

See below for frequently asked questions. We'll have more information for residents as the date for the new service gets closer.

Please note, no extra bins are available until the new waste collection service commences on 1 July 2019.

Waste Collection Contract FAQs

What is happening and why?

  • The new waste collection service commences 1 July 2019
  • Separate waste arrangements for each of the three former Council areas expire 30 June 2019.
  • The new waste collection service will replace the three former arrangements and will deliver the same service for all Northern Beaches residents.

Will my service change?

The bin system remains the same with red for food and general waste, green for vegetation, blue for paper and cardboard and yellow for mixed containers recycling (glass, plastics, drink cartons and metal cans). From mid next year, any food scraps you put in the red bin will also be processed and reused on mine site rehabilitation.

The bins may look a little different. Each household will be provided 80L bins for general household waste, 140L for recycling and 240L for vegetation. Residents can still increase their services on a user pays basis.

There may be a change to the day your bin is currently collected - we’ll let all residents know well ahead of time.

When will this happen?

The new service commences 1 July 2019

Will it cost more?

We will make savings through the consolidated waste contract which we will be able to pass on to our residents in the coming years.

What are the other benefits?

The one standard service will deliver numerous benefits including better environmental and financial outcomes for all Northern Beaches residents: 

  • Increased diversion from landfill. Together, the new waste processing contract and the new waste collection contract will enable the diversion of 70% of Council’s waste from landfill – a huge improvement on the 49% currently achieved. The contents of your red lidded garbage bin will undergo a process that will first remove cardboard, paper, plastics and containers suitable for recycling before recovering the organics such as food waste to produce compost material for use in mine site revegetation. 
  • A brand new fleet of waste vehicles will be fitted state of the art technology including on-board GPS technology and video/camera systems to improve safety, service delivery and contractor management. Vehicles will be fitted with forward and rear facing video cameras which continuously record the truck's operations.
  • Fully enclosed covers for the loading ‘hopper’ when not in use to stop any plastic, paper or other material escaping. Modern emission controlled engines to reduce pollution
  • All residents will have access to two bulky goods collections each year, booking collections at a times convenient to the individual household. This will be more convenient and will significantly improve the street amenity.
  • Separate metal collection and work closely with local community groups to recover and separate items of value like furniture, mattresses and white goods from kerbside collections.
  • Western foreshore residents will now have a twice-yearly vegetation collection.
  • Content of recycling bins (blue lidded and yellow lidded) and vegetation bin will continue to go to Kimbriki for recycling and beneficial reuse.
  • Smartphone app for residents to track their service.

Will we be getting new bins?

Yes, all residents will receive a new set of bins to replace the ageing bins as part of a new waste service starting mid-2019:

  • Red lid bin (garbage) - 80L collected weekly
  • Blue lid bin (paper) - 140L collected fortnightly
  • Yellow lid bin (containers) - 140L collected fortnightly
  • Lime green lid bin (vegetation) - 240L collected fortnightly

When will the new bins be delivered?

The new bins will be delivered next year and we will update and inform residents well ahead of any changes.

What will happen to my old bins?

Council will collect all old bins for recycling into new bins.

Can I keep my old bin?

Council will collect all .old bins for recycling into new bins.  Old bins will not be emptied after 1 July 2019.

Why do we need new bins?

The expected designed working life of a garbage bin is 10 years. Our bin stock is ageing and repair and replacement costs are escalating exponentially.  The majority of our bins are more than 10 years old with many over 20 years old.

Will my bulky goods collection change?

From July 2019, Council will introduce a standardised pre booked clean up service across the Northern Beaches. This will be a change for former Warringah residents who previously had a scheduled service. This means all residents will have access to two pre booked services each year, increasing convenience for residents and improving street amenity.

How many collections per year can I book?


How do I book a collection?

Bookings can be made via Council’s website or by calling Council’s Customer Service Centre.

I live in a unit block / townhouse how do I book?

Residents living in townhouses or unit blocks are entitled to two clean ups per year. On call bulky goods collection bookings may be made through the body corporate or strata manager.

As was the case previously, all bookings are allocated to the property. Once the two collections for the year have been used, you will need to wait until 12 months have expired from the date of the first booking.

Should you need to dispose of bulky goods before the next scheduled booking, you may consider contacting a local charity, having a garage sale, selling or giving away online or as a last resort taking items to Kimbriki Resource Recovery Centre for disposal (fees apply) or engaging a private waste removal contractor.

Won't there be less recycling now there are scheduled clean ups and so less scavenging?

Council is committed to encouraging everyone to upcycle and minimising the volume of waste to landfill. We want people to repair, reuse and resell items they no longer want through charitable organisations or online sites before considering putting them in landfill. We will be investigating opportunities to partner with local organisations and community groups to help make this easier.

Council has found that much less waste ends up in a landfill with a on call system compared to a scheduled system. In the new collection service metals will also be able to be collected separately.

Other benefits of having a pre-booked service include:

  • Convenience – collection can be booked when needed (e.g. when moving house)
  • Improved street amenity and reduction in litter caused by scavenging
  • Reduction in waste sent to landfill

I live offshore, does this affect me?

The offshore collection service will remain the same however the Western Foreshore will now have two scheduled vegetation collections per year.

The contents of the red lid garbage bin will be processed the same as waste from the mainland.

Will my bin size change?

We encourage everyone to examine their waste and recycle as much as possible before disposing into the red lidded bin.

For most people your red bin size won’t change – it will stay at 80L. Some people however, pay extra through their waste charge for a 120L red bin. Under the new service, if you’d like a bigger general waste bin you will need to order a second 80L bin. As the service gets closer we’ll make sure you know exactly how to do this.

Our research shows most residential garbage bins still have 15 – 20% recycling in them so we are increasing the size of the standard recycling bins from 120L to 140L. Residents will still be able to increase the size of their recycling bins if they need it, as they can now.

What about my food waste?

Under the new service, the red bin will undergo a process that removes any organic or food waste which is then composted for use in mine site rehabilitation.

Why can’t I put my food waste in the green bin?

Our current vegetation is free from contamination and once processed has a wide range of applications as compost and soil conditioners. Experience with food and vegetation processing has found that not all food is recovered and that the vegetation is often contaminated with plastics and glass. New technology means we can process the food from the red bin and ensure we keep the vegetation contaminate free and recover all the food for composting.

What if I need additional bin capacity for my household waste?

Additional services will be available for those residents. For example property owners can request an additional 80L red lidded garbage bins, on a user pays basis.