Northern Beaches Council is committed to improving road safety.

We work with Roads & Maritime Service and Transport for NSW - Centre for Road Safety to implement their awareness campaigns (such as Don't Trust Your Tired Self and Get Your Hand Off It).

We provide free workshops for the community to help change unsafe behaviour on the roads. View the event calendar for upcoming events and booking information.

You can contact Council's Road Safety Officers on 8495 5014 or email.

Road Safety Plan

The Northern Beaches Council Road Safety Plan 2019 – 2024 sets out the directions, initiatives and actions required to help the Northern Beaches local area to be recognised as a place which provides a safe travel environment for all users.

Our approach to road safety is based on four elements – safe roads, safe speeds, safe vehicles and safe people. We are committed to promoting, educating and raising community awareness that road safety is a shared responsibility.  View the Road Safety Plan

Road rules

2021 Road Safety Calendar ‘best of’ collection

An eye-catching reminder of road rules for the family or workplace, the 2021 Road Safety Calendar features a 'best of' collection bringing together some of the best road safety messages from the past four calendars.

Catchy slogans, vintage poster art, and interesting facts highlight a road safety message each month in a fun and engaging way.

The calendar is available free to all Northern Beaches Council residents and are located at council libraries, customer service and other council facilities.

Alternatively, you can email us to request a copy to be mailed out.  

Road Rules - General Information

The road rules are a framework for safe and efficient movement of traffic on NSW roads. All drivers should familiarise themselves with safe driving techniques and review the top 10 misunderstood road rules.

You can help to use our roads and paths more safely by being aware of these road rule tips.


Learner and young drivers

Despite making up only about 15 per cent of all licence holders, younger drivers represent almost a quarter of annual road fatalities. (source: NSW Department Transport). As a result, the Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) has significantly changed the licensing system for new drivers. Council, with the RMS, offer free workshops developed to provide practical advice and information to help L-platers become safer drivers.

Helping Learner Drivers Become Safer Drivers workshops

Two-hour workshops, developed by the RMS, assists parents and supervisors of learner drivers with the important role of advising and teaching novice drivers.

  • Understanding of the new laws for L and P licence holders
  • Supervising learner drivers
  • Completing the Learner Driver Log Book
  • Understanding the benefits of supervised on-road driving experience

For information on the next Learner Drivers Workshop search the event calendar or contact Council's road safety officers on 8495 5014 or email. Bookings are essential.

Bicycle safety

In NSW bicycles are considered vehicles and can be ridden on most roads and in bus lanes. People riding bikes on the road are bound by the same road rules as drivers. 

Everyone riding a bike must wear an approved helmet too. Keep up to date with changing road rules for bicycle riders.

Shared paths and multi-use trails are used by both pedestrians and people riding bikes. When riding on a footpath or shared pathway, riders must keep left and give way to pedestrians. Travel at a safe speed and give warning when approaching. See the on and off road cycle areas.

Laws for children under 16

Since July 2018, children under 16 years of age are allowed to ride on a footpath (increased from children under 12 years of age). This will help keep them safe until they have the skills, decision making and knowledge of the rules to ride safely on the road. An adult rider who is supervising a bicycle rider under 16 may also ride with the young rider on the footpath. Children aged 16 or 17 can ride on the footpath, when accompanied by a child under 16 and a supervising adult.

Vehicle safety - speeding

The number one cause of crashes on the Northern Beaches is speeding and it’s costing more than lives. Speed-related fatalities cost the community around $290 million each year. The incidence of drivers exceeding the speed limit on the public road system particularly local roads often raises safety concerns in the local community. Drivers who speed are breaking the law and are increasing their risk of having a crash. The main method of discouraging speeding is through enforcement by the police.

Slow Down In My Street - bin stickers

Another initiative to promote safe speeds in your street is through Slow Down stickers on your bins.

To order these free stickers, please email our Road Safety Officers. Note that there is a maximum of 6 stickers per request.


There are a disturbing number of motorcycle crashes on the Northern Beaches and statistics show most of these crashes involved residents.

Northern Beaches Council and the Road and Maritime Services (RMS) are urging motorcyclists to ride more safely. Speed at the time of a crash is a major factor, as is cornering. Of all motorcycle deaths in NSW, 51% occur on bends.

Create space between your bike and other vehicles, and watch your speed. Scan for hazards to keep you safer. The RMS offers extensive advice on safe riding and safety gear.

Council offers motorcycle "CRASH" cards for motorcyclists. The CRASH cards offer safe riding tips, but more importantly they offer a way in which a rider can record medical details for emergency services in case a rider has an unscheduled dismount. These cards are available from council by email or call 8495 5014 for more information.


Pedestrian safety

Taking risks and not being mindful on the roads can end in tragedy. It’s important to have your head in the moment, and make safe decisions.

All road users are pedestrians at some time or other. Transport NSW research shows there is an even spread of fatalities and serious injuries across all ages, 17-60+ years, although males make up the majority of pedestrian fatalities and serious injuries on NSW roads.

Northern Beaches Council is working with Roads and Maritime Services and the Centre for Road Safety to expand the ‘Look out before you step out’ campaign to combat the number of pedestrians hit on local roads and bring the road toll Towards Zero.

The ‘Look Out before You Step Out’ campaign aims to improve pedestrian safety, particularly in higher density areas with high pedestrian activity and busy roads.

More than 1,500 pedestrians are struck across NSW each year and the aim of the initiative is to drive that number down.

Highly visible pavement stickers are being installed at key high traffic areas around Dee Why between Pittwater Road and the Dee Why beach front. These are to act as a reminder to pedestrians to cross at the safest locations and to make safe decisions when crossing the road, ‘Look out before you step out.’

Seniors safety

Research shows older road users are most likely to suffer serious injuries from car crashes, particularly pedestrian crashes.

FREE Senior Road Safety Workshops are offered throughout the year, helping seniors keep up to date with road safety rules and driver licensing.

For information on the next Seniors Road Safety Workshop search the event calendar or contact Council's road safety officers on 8495 6809 or email. Bookings are essential.