Council adopted the Manly Parking Permit Scheme Revised Framework on Tuesday 17 December 2019 following extensive community engagement.

Changes will affect all residents and businesses in Manly who are eligible for parking permits. The changes include:

  • the types of permits that you can apply for
  • the application process
  • fees and charges
  • information that you need to provide to us when you lodge your application.

Permit renewal dates will be changing in 2020. Residents will be emailed with instructions for renewal at least four weeks before applications open.

The following parking permit scheme areas will be the first to follow the new application process:

  • Little Manly
  • Balgowlah

Current parking permits in these two areas will be honoured from February until your new permit scheme is ready to be introduced.

This means that residents in the Little Manly and Balgowlah areas are not required to renew parking permit/s at our Manly Customer Service Centre in January.

For more information

Please call 1300 434 434