Development Consent Notices

According to Section 4.59 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979, notice is given that the following development consents have been issued by Council. The validity of the consent cannot be questioned in any legal proceedings, except those commenced in the Land and Environment Court, by any person within three months of this notice.

Council's Application Search can be used to track the progress of applications currently under assessment by Council (Development Application or a Complying Development Certificate), to view past development approvals against a property, or to make a submission on a Development Application. 

Development consents are available for public inspection at Application Search.

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    Published online 2 March
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    Published online 27 April
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    Published online 9 June
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    Published online 7 July
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    Published online 21 July
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    Published online 15 August
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    Published online 18 November