Ringtail Possum

Scientific Name

Pseudocherius peregrinus
Native Animals

The common ringtail possum is a nocturnal tree-dwelling animal that uses its tails for gripping. The ringtail has adapted to living in close association with humans and if often seen in suburban gardens at night.

Where do they live?

Ringtail possums are highly sociable, living in family groups. Males and females construct a nest and both parents care for the young. They live in forests, woodlands, rainforests, dense scrub and suburban gardens. During the day the ringtail sleeps in a nest or drey made from grass and shredded bark and several individuals may share the one nest.

What do they eat?

In the wild they eat leaves, flowers and fruits. They also eat their own faecal pellets, digesting food twice for nutritional benefit. They are also known to eat rose buds and other introduced plants found in suburban gardens.