Parking permit schemes were introduced around Manly CBD to give priority to residents for on street parking near their homes.

Council adopted this new Manly Parking Permit Scheme Revised Framework on Tuesday 17 December 2019 following extensive community engagement. Find out more

Key changes

The new Manly Parking Permit Scheme will apply to eligible residents, businesses and local community groups in the Manly area. Key changes include:

  • Residential and business parking permits will display the vehicle registration number
  • A new online application process
  • Changes to information residents need to provide with their application
  • Social distancing requirements for permit collection
  • New parking permit types

The new scheme will start with applications opening for Little Manly and Balgowlah on 1 September 2020.

Parking permit types

  • Residential parking permit
  • Multi-use parking permit
  • Business parking permit
  • Car share parking permit
  • Special issue parking permit
  • Support worker parking permits

Area application dates


All existing parking permits are extended until applications open for their particular scheme area.

Little Manly and Balgowlah

Applications open 1 September 2020. Valid 1 October - 30 September.

Ocean Beach and Ethel Street West

Applications open 1 October 2020. Valid 1 November - 31 October.

Isthmus and Fairy Bower

Applications open 1 November 2020. Valid 1 December - 30 November.

Tower Hill and Tower Hill Extension

Applications open 1 February 2021. Valid 1 March - 28 February.

Ivanhoe Park and Ivanhoe Park Extension

Applications open 1 March 2021. Valid 1 April - 31 March.

Fees and Charges

Fees for the Manly residential and business parking permits have been included in the 2020/21 Fees and Charges.

Residential or multi-use

  • 1st permit issued to property - Free
  • 2nd permit issued to property - $42
  • 3rd permit issued to property - $110

Note: 3rd residential parking permit issued to property under extenuating circumstances (requires special approval) - $110

No fees will apply in the 2020/21 Financial Year for car share, special issue, business and support worker parking permits.  

Council will no longer issue boat, trailer or caravan parking permits through the Manly parking permit scheme. 

New Residents

If you are a new resident to a Manly parking permit scheme area, please call us on 1300 434 434 to discuss how to obtain a Manly parking permit.

More information

Thank you for your patience while we implement this new parking permit scheme.

Find more information online or call us on 1300 434 434.