Reminder of safety around buses as school set to return

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

With a new school term just around the corner, Northern Beaches Council is reminding motorists to slow down around buses. By law, motorists must slow to 40km per hour when they see orange bus lights (known as ‘wigwags’) flash.

Council Administrator Dick Persson AM said that the latest NSW Centre for Road Safety campaign, Be Bus Aware, is a timely reminder that the safety of our children is paramount.

“With 45,924 children from the Northern Beaches’ area currently attending pre-school, primary, or high school, we must be proactive about road safety,” Mr Persson said.

Buses flash their rear orange ‘wigwag’ lights to warn drivers that they are picking up and dropping off children. Motorists must not drive past a bus in the same direction at more than 40km per hour while ‘wigwags’ are flashing.

“By sharing the Be Bus Aware campaign, Council hopes to protect our kids and also our motorists, who may not be aware of this road rule about school bus stop zones and that standard speeding penalties apply when it is broken,” Mr Persson said.

Motorists should:

  • Slow down to 40km per hour and watch for children crossing when you see ‘wigwag’ lights flash
  • Give way to buses
  • Leave plenty of space when merging in front of buses
  • Where possible, park away from bus stops and bus zones

Parents and carers:

  • Until your child is at least 10, hold their hand when you walk them to and from the bus stop and when they cross the road
  • Meet your child at school or the bus stop, not on the opposite side of the road and calling them across
  • Wait until the bus has gone, then use a safe place to cross the road

As part of the Be Bus Aware campaign the NSW Centre for Safety has released a video showing how buses use ‘wigwag’ lights to warn drivers that they are picking up or setting down school children. Find it at