Changes to services and facilities
We have changed our services in line with the current public health orders. Changes include temporary closures of face-to-face services including our customer service centres and libraries, please check the changes to services and facilities page for more information. We are still here to help you, check out our range of online services or call us on 1300 434 434.


Tuesday, 11 May 2021
Libraries, Did You Know

If we told you that our libraries need to be ‘open spaces’, what would you understand that to be?

Is it about creating equitable physical access for all or removing the barriers people face in accessing digital content? It’s in fact both and more. Libraries need to exist as open spaces which can and does encompass many things across the digital and physical plain.

Libraries are safe, welcoming and inclusive places where communities can connect with the library’s services, collections, programs and more. While we strive to achieve this in everything we do, there is always room for improvement. That is why we’re committed to opening our spaces and as you may have noticed, we’ve already started.

Forestville Library is currently undergoing improvement works so it can be transformed into a dynamic and flexible space full of opportunities. Our goal is to increase visitation and usage of Forestville Library, we want it to be a space that can meet community needs now and into the future. The existing entrance and service area will be opened up to improve accessibility and provide a welcoming 'community lounge' area for all users of the building. We can't wait to welcome you back to this new space, keep an eye on our website for when Forestville Library will reopen. 

Warringah Mall Library is next as we’ll soon be making some improvements to the entrance and service areas. Ideas for how we can utilise our library spaces are continually presented to us so we want to make sure our branches are open, ready to connect with our community and welcome new audiences. The works at Warringah Mall will begin soon and the library will be open during this time. 

The ongoing pandemic has also emphasised the significance of our virtual spaces, such as the eLibrary. For some this was comfortably welcomed, for others it created further isolating barriers as they were unsure how it all worked. As a result, we also committed to opening up these digital spaces so our community feels confident connecting with us online. Stay tuned for an exciting event organised by us that will showcase the ins and outs of our main digital resources and platforms.  

Whether in the digital or physical world, it is crucial for libraries to be open and accessible to all. We’re on our way to making this happen and can’t wait to share all the exciting plans we have to enhance our spaces for the future.