• 2017 Young Writers' Competition
Tuesday, 19 September 2017


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Our 2017 Young Writers’ Competition attracted some fabulous entries. Over 430 students from across the Northern Beaches submitted their stories using the theme words ‘upside down’.

The following awards were announced at the Presentation Night on Monday 18 September, by judges Wendy Blaxland, Jacqueline Harvey, Oliver Phommovanh, Tonya Alexandra, Wendy Fitzgerald and Will Kostakis. Please join us in congratulating all of our finalists.

The finalists' stories are published in an ebook, added our Library collection and available here.

Our 2017 finalists:

K-2 category

  • Winner:  Jaslyn Plummer of Harbord Public School for Turning 8
  • Runner up:  Amelia Schindler of Our Lady of Good Counsel for Handstand-itis
  • Highly Commended: Owen Gleeson of Our Lady of Good Counsel for The mystery competition
  • Encouragement Award: Sarah Hogg of St Luke’s Grammar School for The wonderful land of books

Years 3-4 category

  • Winner:  Lillian Hamilton of Our Lady of Good Counsel for The farm
  • Runner up:  Georgina Williams of Harbord Public School for Isabella the invincible
  • Highly Commended: Charlie Stevenson of Narrabeen North Public School for The swinging competition
  • Encouragement Award: Emily Horstead of Our Lady of Good Counsel for Turned upside down


Years 5-6 category

  • Winner:  Penelope Law of Kambora Public School for Gravity
  • Runner up:  Jade Gualter of Killarney Heights Public School for The final stand
  • Highly Commended: Charlie Carroll of Oxford Falls Grammar School for The great cockroach chase
  • Encouragement Award: Jessica Hildebrandt of Terrey Hills Public School for The perfect moment in time


Years 7-8 category

  • Winner:  Stanley Christie-Spear of Oxford Falls Grammar School for The upside of down
  • Runner up:  Jye Davies of NBSC Cromer Campus for Vera
  • Highly Commended: Miabella Quirk of the German International School for My upside down life
  • Encouragement Award: Ally Simpson of NBSC Mackellar Girls Campus for The upside down girl


Years 9-10 category

  • Winner:  Isabella Baker of NBSC Mackellar Girls Campus for The pull of Kali Andhi
  • Runner up:  Rachel Weir of Oxford Falls Grammar School for Smashed glass
  • Highly Commended: Nora Aubineau of the German International School for Gracie
  • Encouragement Award: Kade Kinchington of Oxford Falls Grammar School for Jamal


Years 11-12 category

  • Winner:  Matilda Reid of Pittwater High School for Beating requiem beneath
  • Runner up:  Coleen Leung of NBSC Manly Campus for Vanguard TV3
  • Highly Commended: Melanie Wearing of Oxford Falls Grammar School for The visit
  • Encouragement Award: Natasha Donald of Oxford Falls Grammar School for The social experiment