Learn new skills in these four workshops by Mike Barry, Queenie Chan, Marcelo Baez and Ben Brown.


Make your own comic with Mike Barry

Mike Barry, author and illustrator of the critically acclaimed Action Tank graphic novel series, will teach you how to write and draw a one-page comic. 

Use 3D software to create backgrounds for comics with Queenie Chan

Queenie Chan will teach you how to use the free 3D software SketchUp to create backgrounds for your comics. Discover tips and tricks for seamlessly merging hand drawn and computer-generated art.



Use photographic references to create comic characters with Marcelo Baez

Marcelo Baez will take you through his fun technique of combining unusual shapes with interesting photo references to create compelling comic characters in any style you choose.


Create band posters with Ben Brown

Ben Brown will walk you through the creative process of creating rock ‘n’ roll posters. Learn how to sketch, draw, colour and print eye-popping creations.


How to make a Zine with Myrtha 

Anything can be a zine! And anyone can make a zine! Our library staff member, Myrtha will show you how to get started.