Calling all budding scientists!

Young children have an innate sense of curiosity about the world, constantly asking "Why?" at life's many wonders.

Little Bang Discovery Club is a STEM program designed by Children's Discovery to capture and develop the inquisitiveness of pre-schoolers, and inspire scientific exploration, discovery, and learning.

The program runs for 4-weeks, encouraging children to develop ideas and skills through a series of engaging experiences and hands-on activities using everyday objects.

Children booked into the 4-week program will be loaned a take-home Little Bang Discovery Box at the first session, to be returned at the last session.

Suitable for children aged 3-5 and their adult co-learner.

Children and their accompanying adult learn the basics of science:

  • Collecting and Classifying
  • Measuring and Recording
  • Experimenting
  • Science Fair


$20 + booking fee. No refunds for missed sessions.

Limited spaces, bookings essential.

Visit our Events calendar to view upcoming Little Bang Discovery Club sessions at our Libraries.


One adult co-learner per child limit.

Adult co-learner participation is a requirement and children must be supervised throughout the duration of this program.



Ticket price includes all 4 sessions for child and adult co-learner.

20 + booking fee

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