Pom pom garlands

Create a reusable pom pom garland. Replace plastic party decorations and add a pop of colour to your everyday décor.

Beeswax wraps

Create your own Beeswax wraps. Learn a new skill while helping keep our oceans plastic free.

Mod Podge Caps

Create your own unique cap using mod podge.

Come fly with me beginner's embroidery by Peta Morris

Using Peta Morris’ printed bird design and her beginner embroidery techniques, create your unique bird embroidery.

The spot, dot, dash mini planter by Helen Earl

Get hands on and learn a new skill with the guidance of Helen Earl to create your own mini planter.

Basket weaving by Tegan Murdock

Using Aboriginal weaving techniques and Tegan Murdock’s guidance create your own mini weaved basket.