• Exam supervision

For students who need to take exams online, your local library branch provides exam invigilation services. Supervision is provided with the help of library volunteers who act as invigilators.

Request Exam Invigilation

If you’re unable to take your exam at your affiliated institution, you can arrange to take it at your local library.

Invigilated exams can be taken between 9am- 5pm, Monday- Friday.

Please allow at least 10 days notice for an invigilation request as supervision is provided by library volunteers.

Become a Volunteer

Invigilated exams at the library are made possible with the generous help of volunteers.

If you think you would like to support this useful service for the community, register your interest as a volunteer today.


Charge for the exam space. Printing and scanning charges may also apply.
$25 p/hour
Last updated : Mon 21 Aug 2017