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There are so many great children’s books out there and the booklists provided by the Premier’s Reading Challenge, Summer Reading Club and Novelist Plus make finding them easy. As you look through the lists, you may recognise some long-forgotten favourites which you can enjoy again with your own kids.

PK mag

PK mag is a fun bi-monthly online magazine for primary age kids with articles on books, creativity and other interesting stuff. You can contribute to future editions by sending in your book reviews, short stories, poetry, photography, music or artwork. 

Premier’s Reading Challenge

The Premiers Reading Challenge is a NSW State government initiative that aims to encourage a love of reading for leisure and pleasure in students from Kindy to Year 9. The 2019 challenge is now closed but will begin again in March 2020.

Take a look at the Premier Reading Challenge Booklists or the brand new student site which allows you to find books to read after the challenge is closed. The Premier Reading Challenge and The Arts Unit also caught up with some fantastic Australian and international storytellers. You can view a showcase of videos from these people here

Summer Reading Club

The Summer Reading Club’s mission is to encourage a continued love of reading and multi-literacy skills development in children and young people during the summer holidays.

The Summer Reading Club runs nationwide from December to February.  

Novelist Plus

Novelist Plus allows you to search by genre, age level and even plot lines.

Categories such as ‘Must-read Classics for Grades K-2’ give you fantastic recommendations for the kids to read, and you’ll probably rediscover a few long-forgotten favourites in the process.

Who next...?

Who next...? A guide to children's Authors. When children ask: “Who can I read next?” or “Who writes like my favourite author?”, the answers are here in Who Next…? Writers of children’s fiction are listed with suggestions of other authors who write in a similar way, together with key book and series titles.

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