• Glen Street Library interior

Glen Street Theatre is well known for its regular professional productions, many from Australia’s major performing arts companies. Now Glen Street includes a fabulous new library, a restaurant/café with alfresco dining and a playground in back of the Theatre, next to the Lionel Watts Reserve.

Glen Street Library

It’s been 13 years since we had a new library on the Northern Beaches and this one was certainly worth the wait!

The new Glen Street Library is simply stunning.  Ultra-modern and flooded with light, there are around 20,000 books for loan along with access to a vast range of eResources and audio. There are two study rooms, a project space, a children’s and youth library also indoor and outdoor reading areas.

Glen Street Theatre’s Facelift

‘The show Must Go on’ and Glen Street Theatre didn’t miss a beat during the creation of the new cultural hub. The theatre itself enjoyed a mini make-over with foyer renovations and a landscaping makeover around its entrance.

Glen Street Theatre’s performance calendar carried on regardless, during construction of what is now a thriving cultural hub for the whole community to enjoy.