Strategic Reference Groups

The Strategic Reference Groups (SRGs) were formed on 9 August 2016 following a review of former Council Committees.

The 11 SRGs are aligned to the Local Representation Committee priorities and will help shape the draft Community Strategic Plan. The SRGs replace the role of the previous formal special interest committees across the former council areas.

The SRGs will be a collective voice to provide input to the development of the vision and priorities for the draft Community Strategic Plan.

A joint meeting of the SRG groups was held for the purpose of a Vision Session on 28 September 2016. 

The Strategic Reference Groups are listed below. Click through for Agenda and Notes of the meetings.

Local Representation Group Strategic Reference Groups (SRGs)
  1. Affordable Housing
  2. Economic Development and Tourism
  3. Place Making
  1. Natural Environment
  2. Waste and Recovery Management
  3. Sustainable Transport
  1. Art, Culture and Heritage
  2. Community Safety
  3. Inclusive Communities
  4. Open Space and Recreation
  5. Youth