Frequently Asked Questions

Administrator - Dick Persson

General Manager - Mark Ferguson

Wards and Councillor representation - Five Council Wards with three Councillors for each Ward

Next Council Elections - 9 September 2017

Is my parking sticker valid across the Northern Beaches?

If you have a Pittwater or Warringah parking permit sticker you can now park for free at over 40 beaches and reserves from Manly to Palm Beach. If you are a Manly resident, you will receive a new Northern Beaches Council parking permit. You must display a parking permit at all times. Current parking restrictions still apply in some areas. For more information visit the page on parking.

Can I pay my rates at any former Council shop front?

Rates should be paid online at the Council website listed on your rates notice or by any of the payment methods listed on your existing rates notice such as BPay or phone. You can also if you wish pay your rates at any of the customer service/planning counters in Avalon, Dee Why, Manly and Mona Vale. See Understanding Your Rates for more information on rates.

Are my rates going up?

The NSW Government's rate protection commitment means residents of the new Council will pay no more for their rates than they would have under their old Council for the next four years.

What is the new Council website?

What are the Customer Service Centres enquiry numbers?

The existing customer service enquiry numbers remain the same until a decision is made. See Contacts page.

Will there be public Council Meetings and where will they be held?

Council Meetings will be open to the public. The first meeting was held at the former Manly Council Chambers on Thursday 19 May. Information on Council meeting dates and locations is available on this website.

How can I participate?

Community engagement will play a key role in the new Council and a range of channels will be used to provide further detail.

Where do I lodge a Development Application?

Development Applications can be lodged at any of the customer service/planning counters in Avalon, Dee Why, Manly and Mona Vale.

What are the planning controls for my area?

Planning controls have not changed. Please refer to your site specific information

Will my bins get collected?

It will be business as usual for residents. The delivery of key services, such as rubbish collection will continue in the same way.

What happens with existing contracts, leases, and licences?

Existing contracts, leases, and licences roll over to the new entity.

Who do I contact about sportsgrounds and wet weather information?

Existing numbers and online pages will continue for sportsground information including wet weather updates.

Lifeguard services - how are these being managed?

Lifeguard services will continue as per their previous council areas. We will notify you if and when changes are made to current procedures.

Can we borrow books across all libraries?

For the time being you are not able to borrow across all libraries with the one library card.