'Charge Ahead' at home with a free carbon tracking tool

As part of our Charge Ahead program, we are running a trial of 'ClimateClever', an online tool which will help you make easy changes and charge ahead with realistic environmental goals for your household. 

We're offering residents a free year's subscription to the tool, which will:

  • calculate your home’s carbon footprint
  • help you review your resource consumption and
  • provide actions the whole family can take to reduce energy, water and waste.

There are actions to suit every household, including easy behavioural changes for kids, as well as actions for renters that don’t impact on the building’s structure. 

You will be able to see how your home compares to others of a similar nature, track any savings you make from completing actions and check out the analytics of how your energy, water and waste consumption drops.

The tool is comprehensive and does requires some initial data input during set-up, including entering details of your bills and conducting a review of your appliances. The steps are easy with the online tool guiding you throughout the process.

About the carbon tracking tool:

ClimateClever is a social enterprise committed to tackling climate change and helping to create a low carbon future.

The tool is based on years of academic research and pilot programs developed by Curtin University in Western Australia.

Applications open

Places are limited, so please consider your commitment before registering your interest.

Subscriptions will be allocated on a first-come-first-serve basis.