Water Wise

Shrink the power bill in hot water

Around 21% of a households energy use can come from heating water. Using less hot water is a simple and easy way to reduce energy costs. Installing WELS rated water efficient showerheads and taps can make a big difference to your hot water costs. The less you use the less you pay.

Plan ahead

Check the age of your hot water system and make a plan for an energy efficient and cheap to run hot water system before yours gives up.

Shorter showers

A shorter shower challenge is a fun way to teach children the importance of saving water and energy. To make taking shorter showers fun, use a shower timer and challenge the family to a shorter shower challenge. This can reduce your energy costs as less water will need to be heated. It is an easy thing to do but will have a big impact on your bill.

The Goldilocks temperature, not too hot, not too cold

The Goldilocks – ‘just right’ temperature for a storage hot water system is 60°C. Any lower may allow harmful bacteria to flourish; higher will use energy unnecessarily. Continuous hot water systems should be set at no higher than 50°C. This will lower your running costs and extend your system's life.

Canny Cooking

Cook for the week

Save on energy, cooking costs and time. Cook several things at once in the oven so you have dinner and lunch all sorted.

Electrify your dinner

If you use solar or green energy and are in the market for a new gas cook top you may consider going electric instead, especially if this cook top is the only item in the house that uses gas. Induction cook tops provide the similar performance to gas but cost more. This cost can be offset if you can get rid of the gas bill as you’ll also get rid of the associated delivery charge.

One cup or two?

Don’t boil more water than you need, boiling water uses a lot of energy and filling up a kettle for one cup can be costly. Use a mug to fill the kettle, that way you always have the right amount and you can enjoy that cup of tea much sooner.