Welcome to living more sustainably on the Northern Beaches. Just think, it’s possible to create significant impacts on bushland, beaches and waterways through making simple choices at home, community engagement, learning more about the environment and getting inspired. The Council is right there with you, with a green vision and focused sustainability strategy.

Charge Ahead

Charge Ahead Northern Beaches Council is running our 'Charge Ahead' program to take action on climate change. We are partnering with a number of ...

Education Resources

Learn about conservation and sustainability, and working towards a cleaner, less wasteful and healthier way of life.

Energy Savings Challenge

Go beyond the hour - Earth Hour energy savings challenge

Sustainability Awards

Your sustainable practices could make you the next local business winner of the Northern Beaches Council Sustainability Award.

Cooee - Natural Environment Online News

Catch up on our latest environmental news and events.

Northern Beaches Eco Awards

Nominate someone for their work in conserving our environment.