Council has partnered with the Australian Energy Foundation to provide you with simple energy advice you can trust.

The energy advisors at the Australian Energy Foundation can help you work out exactly what you need to do to make your home energy-efficient. From solar to pool pump controllers, they can provide advice on all areas of your home, helping you make an informed decision.

They can also connect you with reliable suppliers for everything you need to make your home energy-efficient. They conduct a rigorous procurement process so that you can buy with ease and confidence. Get a quote for your home, visit

Areas they can help with include: Solar Panels and Battery StorageInsulation & Draught ProofingLED lightingHot Water Heat PumpsReverse Cycle Air Conditioners, Home Energy Assessments, Pool Pump Controllers and more.

This service was previously known as Our Energy Future.


You can use the SunSPoT tool to estimate the solar electricity potential of your roof and future savings.

If you want to know more about how solar could work for you visit the Australian Energy Foundation's solar information page.

You can request an obligation free quote or call their team on 1300 23 68 55 (Mon-Fri) to discuss if solar might be right for you.

Get Involved

If you are a resident, business owner or are employed by Northern Beaches Council you have free access to help manage your energy bills by contacting 1300 23 68 55 (Mon - Fri, 9 am - 5 pm). Or email

You can also ask to sign up to the Australian Energy Foundation monthly eNewsletter here


The energy advisors at the Australian Energy Foundation have conducted rigorous checks on the suppliers and installers they recommend so you can be confident in the quality of the services and products . 

The Australian Energy Foundation is a for purpose organisation, leading the way to an equitable zero carbon society. They accelerate the energy transition by empowering communities to take action. 

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