We are already experiencing changes to our climate and further change is unavoidable (IPCC, 2018). Past emissions remain in the atmosphere for decades and during this time continue to cause temperatures to increase, essentially locking future change into the system. It is critical we prepare for these changes. We do this by being prepared for what is to come and adapting the way we design and build our structures. Buildings, roadways, stormwater pipes and seawalls will need to stand for the next 50 -100 years and be able to withstand future impacts.

We are working to develop and integrate policies and strategies that address climate change adaptation and community resilience. Council is also working with peak bodies to develop new frameworks to build resilience into infrastructure assets.


Greenhouse gas emissions drive climate change with emissions being generated through electricity and gas usage, transport choices and waste generation.

As a community the Northern Beaches contributes almost 2 million tonnes of these emissions. We all need to reduce our carbon emissions to mitigate the future impacts of climate change.

Council offers a range of environmental programs and resources to help you take action on climate change.