There are many actions that can be taken at a personal level to contribute to bushfire preparation and mitigation to protect yourself, your family and your home.

Check forecast and conditions

If you are planning on spending leisure time within bushland areas on the Northern Beaches, please be safe and check the following conditions:


Check your local circumstances – are you in a bush fire prone area? 

Prepare your Bushfire Survival Plan

Prepare your home

Make sure all your important documents are in a safe, easy to access location

During a bushfire

Check the alert level of threat from fire

Locate your Neighbourhood Safer Place

Stay up to date on conditions with the Fires Near Me online map (download free app from Google Play or Apple App Store)

Reporting a bushfire hazard

If you are concerned about a bushfire hazard on private or public property, contact the NSW RFS Northern Beaches District office on 9450 3000 or log online on the RFS website.

Once you raise a request, the RFS Community Safety Officer will complete a site visit and advise the resident and Council if works are required.

10/50 vegetation legislation

It is crucial that our bushland and native trees are protected and retained on private properties in order to preserve our beautiful natural environment for the future.

Under 10/50 legislation some clearing of vegetation is allowed if your property is mapped in the 10/50 entitlement area.

However, you must fully comply with all required conditions for your property or penalties apply.