Council recognises that the current situation with COVID-19 may result in financial impacts for some of our ratepayers, including commercial landlords and business owners paying Council Business Rates.

This could result in difficulties in paying rates and annual charges, along with other fees and charges invoiced by Council, as they fall due.

Council has a policy to provide assistance for ratepayers experiencing genuine financial hardship. Details of hardship relief available to eligible ratepayers can be found in Council’s Rates and Annual Charges Hardship Policy.  To make it easier to apply for rate relief during COVID-19 council has prepared a dedicated application form the COVID-19 form to apply for hardship relief.

Businesses, groups and individuals who are experiencing financial difficulties as a result of the issues with COVID-19 in relation to the payment of fees and other charges (other than rates) should make contact with the team as detailed on Council’s invoice. 

We will give consideration to extending payment terms or other payment arrangements, and will compassionately review all situations on a case-by-case basis and be as flexible as possible in extending arrangements during the Coronavirus pandemic.