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  1. Tree Removal and Pruning Application

    Online application ...Tree Removal and Pruning Application


  2. learn about tree removal

    learn about tree removal

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  3. Removing and pruning trees on public land

    ... or affecting your property please report the public tree and we’ll see what we can do. Once we’ve made an appropriate ... zone areas or where the line is not insulated. Tree Removal Removal of unsuitable or hazardous trees. Emergency works ...

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  4. Removing and pruning trees on private land

    ... quite a lot you can do legally if you want to carry out tree work on your property. Trees and vegetation on the Northern ... Vegetation SEPP regulates proposed tree and vegetation removal that is not associated with a development application but still ...

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  5. Possum removal

    ... development and absence of natural habitat such as tree hollows and dense vegetation for shelter and nesting, possums are ... and near something it can immediately climb, such as a tree or tall fence, otherwise it will not survive. Remember to block off the ...

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  6. Trees

    ... on your property or public land or if you want to know what tree to plant. Trees play a vital role in the health, social framework ... need to know whether you want to prune, remove or plant a tree. ...

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  7. Tree Claims

    ... and vehicles. However, Council’s ownership of the tree does not create an automatic liability in the event of a tree causing damage. There must be some demonstrated act or omission of ...

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  8. Tree guide

    It is important to select the right tree for the right place. A locally indigenous species should be selected ... best trees to plant? It is important to select the right tree for the right place. A locally indigenous species should be selected ... Don't forget mature trees need maintenance including the removal or trimming of misshapen branches and checking for fungal rot or other ...

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  9. Trees on Private Property

    Generally to remove or prune a tree that is over 5 metres high permission from Council is required. For ... include: trees and vegetation on Council's  exempt tree species list  for more information trees and vegetation on property ... to remove in case Council receives a complaint about its removal. This will show our arborist that the tree was dead. trees or ...


  10. Illegal tree works

    If you remove, damage or lop a tree without Council's consent, you could be fined up to $1.1 million. It can be very costly if you remove, damage or lop a tree without a Council permit, especially if the case is prosecuted in the ... vandalism like poisoning, pruning, cutting, ringbarking or removal, we’ll pursue the offender. We may offer a reward of up to $10,000 ...

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