Plans of Management (POM) categorise land, authorise leases or licenses and determine what development can take place. The key values of the land and its purpose are identified so they can be protected and enhanced. Council ensures public consultation happens for plans of management before they are adopted. 

Careel Bay Wetlands Plan of Management

Coastal Lands Plan of Management

The Coastal Lands Plan of Management covers all public open space located on or adjacent to Warringah's coastline, with the exception of Dee Why Lagoon and environs and Griffith Park, which is the subject of two separate Specific area Plans of Management (see the Dee Why Wildlife Refuge Plan of...

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Curl Curl Beach Landscape Masterplan August 2014

Council prepared a landscape masterplan for Curl Curl Beach and the parkland behind it - Flora and Ritchie Roberts Reserve.

Dee Why Lagoon Wildlife Refuge Plan of Management

Dee Why Lagoon Wildlife Refuge is located just behind Dee Why Beach and covers an area of approximately 77ha. The Plan consists mostly of the wildlife refuge, however it also covers James Meehan Reserve and the Dee Why Surf Life Saving Club.

The natural environment of the refuge is highly...

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Dee Why Town Square Plan of Management

Dee Why Town Square is located within the central business district of Dee Why. The park provides a landscaped environment for people in Dee Why for casual relaxation at lunch and is an important pedestrian link through Dee Why. The park also provides elevated seating areas that will attract...

Dee Why Valley & South Creek Corridor Plan of Management

Council adopted the Dee Why Valley and South Creek Open Space Corridor Plan of Management on June 24, 2008.  The plan of management was developed through extensive community consultation and incorporates submissions from the exhibition of the Issues and Options Paper in June 2007.


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District Park Plan of Management

District Park consists of the area commonly known as Nolan, Passmore, Millers and David Thomas Reserves as well as Warringah Golf Course. The park is located at the boundary between the suburbs of Manly Vale and North Manly. District Park is one of Warringah's most significant reserves in terms...

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Forestville Park Plan of Management

The Forestville Park Plan of Management covers bushland and park areas identified as Forestville Park. The main value of the bushland reserve is conservation of remnant bushland and low impact recreation. It also presents aesthetic, scientific,...