2019/20 Budget - Your rates at work

In the next 12 months, we will be investing $453.5 million back into the community, including a capital works program of more than $110 million as well as a range of environment initiatives and quality services.

This budget prioritises upgrades to our valued community assets such as our pools, wharves, sportsfields, road and playgrounds. Around $3 million will go to new footpaths and $3.7 million of continued funding to the Manly to Palm Beach Coast Walk.

We will continue to deliver quality services with $343 million of investment. You’ll see increased cleaning, street sweeping and maintenance of our town centres, reserves and parks. We’re providing more childcare places for children under three, and the technology and collection at our much-loved libraries will be improved. 

These investments will deliver a safe, inclusive and connected community that protects the extraordinary coastal and bushland environment we all value. 

For every $100 in our $453.5 million budget, we're investing...

$24 upgrading local infrastructure

  • Town centres and villages
  • Buildings, amenities, surf clubs and wharves
  • Parks, playgrounds, sports facilities, walking trails, aquatic centres and rockpools
  • Streets, carparks, footpaths and cycleways
  • Stormwater, waste facilities and coastal protection
  • Arts, creative and library spaces
  • Better accessibility, safety and public wifi

$12 managing waste and cleaning

  • New domestic waste management service
  • Minimising waste and single-use plastics
  • Public places, streets, beaches and graffiti

$10 managing buildings and aquatic centres

  • Surf clubs, aquatic and recreational centres
  • Managing amenities, Council and community buildings and cemeteries
  • Tourism assets

$10 delivering community and library services

  • Libraries and programs, online and home services
  • Community centres, programs and grants
  • Arts, creative and theatre/performance spaces
  • Childcare centres, vacation care and family day care

$8 protecting the environment and climate change

  • Bushland, biodiversity and fire risks
  • Catchments, stormwater, floodplains, lagoons and coast
  • Sustainability programs and education
  • Climate change adaptation and mitigation

$8 providing parks, recreation and Lifeguards

  • Sportsfields, courts and open spaces, sports club buildings and grants
  • Brookvale Oval
  • Golf, skate and BMX venues
  • Parks, playgrounds and walking trails
  • Beach Lifeguards and rockpools
  • Street trees and tree permits

$8 managing roads and transport

  • Local roads, traffic, bus stops and parking areas
  • Wharves, jetties and tidal pools
  • New footpaths, cycleways and bike facilities
  • Transport planning and road safety education
  • Street lighting

$6 planning, development and compliance

  • Safeguarding public health, safety, parking and environment from risks and overuse
  • Planning for land use, housing, strategic centres and places
  • Town planning to protect environment and heritage
  • Assessing development applications

$5 NSW Government levies

  • Emergency Services Levy
  • Waste Levy
  • Street Lighting
  • Planning Levy
  • Valuation fees

$4 Kimbriki Resource Recovery Centre

  • Waste management and recycling
  • Education via EcoHouse and Garden
  • Buy Back Centre

$3 Providing events, engagement and economic development

  • Events, festivals and citizenship
  • Manly Visitor Information Centre
  • Community engagement and communications
  • Economic development and business support

$2 Ensuring good governance

  • Good governance
  • Integrity and complaints
  • Support Mayor, Councillors, committees and reference groups
  • Business assurance

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