The Weedy Seadragons are a colourful close relative of the seahorse. Like a floating piece of Mardi Gras, their reddish-orange spotted bodies look even more festive with violet-blue stripes and yellow markings. Cabbage Tree Bay is home to one of the largest colonies of this fragile protected aquatic species. That’s extraordinary!

Weedy Seadragons live among the seagrasses of Manly’s Cabbage Tree Bay with other important temperate and tropical marine life.

Covered in bony rings instead of scales, these unique little creatures can move their eyes independently, meaning they can look backwards and forwards at the same time!

Shallow, clear waters and a diversity of aquatic life make Cabbage Tree Bay an important Intertidal Protection Area very popular for snorkelling and SCUBA diving.

Declared a ‘No Take’ Aquatic Reserve on 31 March 2002, today Cabbage Tree Bay provides a focus for marine awareness and ecotourism among residents and visitors who come to Manly each year.

Discover the eco-sculpture walk, from Manly foreshore to Shelly Beach. Learn about Cabbage Tree Bay's history, plants, unique marine life and animals.  Native residents of the bay, include Eastern Blue Gropers, The Gloomy Octopus and endangered Long Nosed Bandicoots. If you’re lucky you may spot Little Penguins or even dolphins.