• Public works to protect Collaroy carpark and Pittwater Road, completed in 2019. 

Friday, 26 February 2021

If you’ve been down near Collaroy or Narrabeen beach lately you may have seen the seawall construction works happening along the beachfront.

This work is being undertaken by residents to protect their homes in the event of a storm as devastating as the 2016 east coast low that wrought such havoc on this part of the coastline.

They are part of the 1.3km seawall proposed from South Narrabeen to Collaroy to protect both private and public assets. There are 11 parcels of public land (including the Collaroy carpark, South Narrabeen Surf Club, reserves and road ends) interspersed between 49 private parcels of land that require protection.

The works to protect private homes is being 80% funded by private owners, with Council and the NSW Government contributing 10% each. As private properties are the substantial beneficiaries of the protection, it is reasonable that they bear the majority of the expense for protecting their land.

It has not been an easy process for residents to get to this point and Council has worked to support them navigate the complex legal, planning and financial issues that have arisen. It’s great to see that the first of these private works to protect 10 vulnerable properties is finally underway.

We are continuing to work with other residents along the strip so they too can begin the works to protect their properties and 29 of the 49 private properties have already had DAs approved and there are currently no DAs with Council awaiting determination. 

Other protection works on public land at Collaroy carpark have been completed by Council, jointed funded with the NSW government, and works at the remaining public sites will be undertaken in a coordinated way with adjoining private works.

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