Monday, 18 November 2019

Single-use plastic not only adds to landfill, it can damage our oceans, waterways and marine life if not properly disposed of. Recent research indicates that there are public health implications too. We can help to avoid damage and future problems by avoiding single-use plastic.

Your school canteen is a great place to start moving away from single-use plastics, learning and passing on good waste reduction habits. With 83 schools on the Northern Beaches, we can make a real difference, protecting our local area from plastic pollution.

Many canteen products are packaged in plastic and served with plastic straws and cutlery. All of this adds up and ends up in landfill or our waterways if not properly disposed of. 

Our Swap for Good program can help support your school canteen to go plastic free. Check out some local students who learnt how they could make change at their school:

This video is also available captioned


Learn more in our free webinar on Tuesday 19 November with Foodnasties and Plasticnasties’ Sherene LaGasse. Sharon has over seven years’ experience working in school canteens and has developed an easy program to get schools started.

Your school canteen can also sign up for Swap for Good where you’ll receive free resources, supplier lists as well as online and face-to-face support to help your school canteen make the swap.

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