Thursday, 14 January 2021

As we start to enjoy a few more freedoms post-lockdown, the joy of stretching your legs along our sensational coastline never pales.

One significant coastal gem is Long Reef Aquatic Reserve, nestled between Dee Why and Collaroy.

This aquatic reserve is NSW’s oldest, celebrating its 40th birthday last year.

It was declared a reserve in 1980, to protect its rocky shore plants and animals, after its marine life was seriously depleted due to people collecting it for food and bait.

Since then, visitors have flocked to the area to capture the stunning views from the headland walk, explore the rock platform, swim, fish, snorkel, scuba dive and surf from its shoreline.

It is also the destination for hundreds of schoolchildren each year, who get to discover its wonders through our Coastal Environment Centre’s education programs. Students learn about respecting and caring for the natural world, while ensuring the passion for this extraordinary place lives on through future generations.

Enjoy the video created by the NSW Department of Fisheries that shines a spotlight on this precious location from an educational, research and recreational perspective.

If you do visit this unique site you will spot a plethora of sea creatures including nudibranchs, bubble shells, turban snails, octopus as well as a diverse range of birdlife.

But, also please be mindful of the rules and regulations that apply to the site. In a nutshell, the message is come take a look, spend some time and walk around, enjoy it, but please don’t touch. Let’s make sure it stays in the same pristine condition for future generations.

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