• Quarry Reserve in North Manly 

  • Gunyah Reserve in Avalon

Tuesday, 12 October 2021

Kids are already lining up to use the renewed playgrounds recently completed at Quarry Reserve in North Manly and Gunyah Reserve at Avalon.

Quarry Reserve as its name suggests is located on an old quarry site in a small pocket of bushland. The 30-year-old playground had well and truly served its purpose and needed to be updated to meet current safety standards.

Council’s consultation with locals saw plenty of feedback including their ‘wish list’ of equipment. The result was the installation of three swings, junior and senior climbing units, and a balance beam.

The materials used were neutral tones with sandstone edging to compliment the surroundings.

The playground is also accessible with one of the swings being high-backed and with a dish seat. Also installed was a path from Amourin Street connecting to a rubber path into the playground for wheelchair and pram access.

Interestingly, this reserve also supports a small population of the threatened plant Acacia terminalis subs. terminalis. This plant species is only found between Botany Bay and the Manly area in isolated fragmented reserves.

Also welcomed by the community is a renewed playground at Gunyah Reserve on Gunyah Place in Avalon.

The local playground, which sits nestled amongst a natural setting, boasts multiple features including a swing set, slide, rocker, a new bench seat and a see-saw. The materials used include natural woods and muted colours to blend with the surroundings.

Council aims to provide not only exciting and vibrant play spaces but to connect the whole community, in particular connecting children of all abilities to natural areas. Greater accessibility to play spaces enables people of all abilities to participate in play and reap the benefits of increased physical activity, social interaction, and mental stimulation.

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