• Barking Owl 

  • Osprey on a nest - photographer: John Taylor

  • Eriostemon australasius

Tuesday, 7 September 2021

September not only marks the beginning of spring, it’s also the beginning of a unique celebration for our natural environment - National Biodiversity Month.

There’s no doubt about it, the Northern Beaches is blessed with more than 300 bushland reserves and two national parks right on our doorstep.

We’ve got some almighty statistics about these areas that might just surprise you!

  • 540 native fauna species call our reserves and bushlands home, and 69 of them are listed as threatened.
  • 1,460 plant species can be found right here in our backyard.
  • 48 different native vegetation communities where animals also live. Some 13 of these are threatened ecological communities; and 65 of them are threatened plants.

This level of biodiversity makes the Northern Beaches one of the most biodiverse areas left in Sydney. In a bustling world-renowned city this really is unique.

Council and the community are committed to sustaining our bushland and wildlife for future generations to enjoy.

In the coming few weeks we will be showcasing some of our amazing species and communities and providing tips on how you can help sustain them in your own area.

You can get involved in Biodiversity Month by sharing photos of the wildlife you have seen in your own garden or while out and about.

Please send us your favourite photos (no larger than 4 megabytes), with your name for crediting and a caption and we’ll share them in a community gallery. Email

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