Friday, 8 October 2021

October is Mental Health Month and this year’s theme is ‘tune in’. That means being aware of what’s happening within you, and the world around you.

Being present helps build self-awareness, reduces worry and stress, and builds positive connections.

So here’s how you can get started this Mental Health Month with loads of online activities.

Start meditating with free sessions

Follow Council’s Facebook to find out more details about weekly 15-minute meditation sessions that will be streamed from Wednesday 13 October at 7.30am.

The sessions will be led by Kari and Lorelie from Making Meditation Mainstream, a local community group which runs free beach meditation sessions across the Northern Beaches. The sessions will help you tune into your mind and body, and help you start your day in a mindful way.  

Learn how to have conversations about mental health

It can be hard to know how to talk to family and friends about mental health. Tune into this #letstalk workshop design to engage, educate, empower and encourage you to kickstart conversations about mental health. This workshop will be facilitated by Steven Gamble who is the founder of the mental health movement Man Anchor. Register here.

Develop your listening skills

Develop core listening skills and a deeper understanding of how to identify, listen and support someone who you are concerned about or is in distress over two workshops (2 hours each). The workshop will be facilitated by Steven Gamble who is the founder of the mental health movement Man Anchor. Register here.

Go for a wellness walk

Getting outside and exercising is a great way to help your mental health. Join Lifeline Northern Beaches and loop COVID-safely around Narrabeen Lake on Sunday 31 October. Grab your buddy, walk in pairs and tune into your senses as you walk around the trail. Listen to the birdlife, notice the changes in the foliage, feel the sun on your back and enjoy conversation. Please register to ensure COVID-19 safety.

Get stretching

Join Jodee from Pioneer Club as she takes you through some stretching, exercise and even some dance moves to help you reset and refocus. Watch now.

Try out chair yoga

You don’t even need to leave your desk as you follow along with Amara from Pioneer Clubhouse and Kalari Community Centre for a 30 minute chair yoga session. Watch now.

Check out our website to find other online events and activities this Mental Health Month.

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