Tuesday, 27 July 2021

Northern Beaches folk are great at shopping local to support local businesses. After all many of the people who own businesses and work in them are your family, friends and neighbours.

We don’t need to tell you they’re doing it tough – you know that this third lockdown is stretching locals business like never before. Here are practical ways you can support them:

Ways you can help

Order takeaway

So many of our great local restaurants and cafes are offering takeaway – you’re absolutely spoilt for choice!

It’s a win win where you can enjoy a delicious meal while supporting a local business. Dine and Discover vouchers can now be used for takeaway meals and are valid until 31 August.

It’s not just restaurants and cafes with delivery services, many of our local breweries, butchers, florists, bakeries and more are doing the same during lockdown. You can practically get anything delivered to your door while supporting local.

Buy vouchers

If you have a family member or friend who is celebrating a birthday or milestone event in lockdown, gift them an online voucher from their favourite local hairdresser, salon, boutique shop, restaurant or café.

Same goes with local experiences like stand up paddle boarding, sailing, kayaking, snorkelling – the list goes on! With some operators you're able to buy a voucher with your Discover voucher. 

You will brighten their day and your loved one will have something to look forward to when restrictions lift.

Write positive reviews

Another good way to support local businesses right now is to give positive reviews online. These will help when restrictions lift and can have a huge impact on future sales for a business.

If you’ve had an amazing experience at a local business, make sure you tell others about it online.

Reschedule don’t cancel

We know it’s tough but where possible, reschedule your bookings with local restaurants and venues so you can still enjoy events together when restrictions lift.

Support them on social media

Show your support through likes, follows, shares and comments. Social media platforms reward accounts that have good engagement with their audiences, so if you like the content you’re seeing from a local business, make sure you tell them in the comments and tag your friends. Or tag a business in your own posts.

Tell your family and friends

Don’t keep a great place all to yourself! Support the places you love by telling your family and friends about great takeaway or contactless delivery options businesses are providing.

Check in on them

If you have a family member or friend who runs a local business, kind and uplifting words can help them feel supported.

If they need extra support, there are dedicated mental health resources available for business owners.

Know a business owner who needs support?

If you have a friend who owns a local business that might benefit from some help, our dedicated Business Support Service can help them find information on grants and advice that could assist them. Here’s how to book a phone appointment.

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