Thursday, 23 January 2020

Kids are heading back to school and with many adopting a zero waste policy; here are some ways you can pack a lunch that both your children and the environment will love.

Tanya from Narrabeen shares with us how she packs 100% waste-free lunches for her daughters:

1. Audit your school lunches

Have a look at how you pack your kids’ lunch boxes, think about what goes in and any single-use plastics you could replace.

2. Reusable containers

There are so many options for reusable containers, snack bags and even liquid food containers. Just make sure it’s labelled and leak proof, to keep backpacks and lunches safe from spillage.

3. Sip from a reusable bottle

One million plastic bottles are bought every minute around the world.[1] Do your bit to keep plastic bottles out of landfill and pack a reusable water bottle in your child’s lunch box.


4. Wrap it up

Beeswax wraps are a great alternative to using single-use plastic wrap. You can invest in a store bought set or have some fun and save your pennies by making them at home. Making the wraps is easy to learn and you can do it at home. Watch our video or book into one of our free workshops to help keep our oceans plastic free.

5. Cutlery

There’s no need to use single-use plastic forks or spoons when there are so many cute reusable cutlery packs. You can make your own pouch for the cutlery using old fabric. Alternatively pick up a few pre-owned ones from your local charity store.

6. Thermos

A thermos is a great addition especially in the cooler months where kids will love the addition of a toasty warm soup or hot pasta. Great for cold yoghurt in summer too!

7. Reuse your food containers  

Get creative and save old food containers like plastic vegemite jars to pack snacks in.


If your school canteen needs a helping hand to go plastic free, we can help! Our Swap for Good program helps canteens every step of the way with face-to-face and online support. Get in touch with the team now.

We also encourage schools to get involved in Clean Up Australia Day- the schools clean up day is Friday 28 February. Find out more.


[1] Euromonitor International 2017 

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