Thursday, 19 December 2019

You can wrap gifts for your loved ones beautifully, without creating a lot of rubbish. Try out these eco-friendly ideas:

1. Make your own fabric gift bags 

Find items you have around the house like old felt or fabric and ribbon. For an easy fabric bag, simply fold the fabric in half, sew down the side and base then pop your gift in and tie with an old ribbon or fabric scraps.

2. Try the Japanese art of Furoshiki

In Japanese culture, the art of fabric wrapping has been around for centuries. Use any beautiful fabric you already own, a silk scarf or a tea towel, which works as a bonus gift for your loved one!  

3. Clean glass jars

A great way to present gifts you want to show off can be glass jars. These are perfect for homemade biscuits, sweets, soaps or coffee scrubs.

4. Old newspaper or brown butchers paper

Newspaper, butchers paper or old knitting patterns make the perfect eco-friendly wrapping- just add twine, native flowers, homemade biscuits or herbs such as rosemary to decorate.

5. Old maps

Old road maps and guides are turning obsolete- use old ones you have lying around for a vintage and interesting way to wrap gifts.

6. Use what you already have

When you receive gifts yourself, remember to save and re-use the wrapping paper, gift bags and ribbon. Save old Christmas cards too, cut the picture or main focal piece of the card out and use as decoration.

7. Kids artwork

Make a special gift even more special by using your children’s drawings as wrapping paper. Use artwork they have already created at school, childcare or at home. 

Watch a video with one of our local waste warriors Sarah who always wraps her gifts waste-free:

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