Monday, 13 January 2020

Level 2 water restrictions are in full force, and Northern Beaches Council is looking for ways to further reduce water use across all our public spaces, parks, pools and facilities.

We use recycled and bore water to clean our public spaces and we irrigate parks and playing fields with bore water where we can. Gardens in our parks, playgrounds and town centres are watered with recycled and bore water whenever possible too. We are always looking for ways to minimise our water use by watering less often and at times that are most efficient.

We have successfully trialled cleaning our rockpools with seawater and will now roll out infrastructure for all our rockpools to be cleaned this way going forward. Fairy Bower and Fairlight rockpools and our boat ramps are cleaned by contractors and we have contacted them to ensure they are implementing the most water efficient practices possible.

We have been working closely with Sydney Water to not only reduce our water use, but also help our residents and businesses reduce theirs. Our dedicated Water Efficiency Officer is educating and informing our community with practical tactics to save water.

You’ll find details of level 2 water restrictions on the Sydney Water website.

For more tips on how to save water at your place, visit Sydney Water’s Love water, don’t waste it page.

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