Monday, 3 June 2019

An Ngo Lang in Saigon 

“Fear, most assuredly, has a smell,” she recounted many years later. “But no one spoke, cried or even whimpered.”

More than 40 years later, An Ngo Lang would like to share with you her remarkable story – in person at the ‘Human Library’, commemorating Refugee Week on Saturday 22 June.

“We were waiting; expecting that at any second the helicopter would be blown to pieces.

“Large, black plumes of smoke, all around the city, from burning houses, cars, and buildings rose up into the night sky,” she recalls.

“Saigon, the beautiful city of my childhood, the place I believed to be peaceful and held all my earliest memories, had become total chaos; a place of panic, terror, confusion and war.”

An Ngo Lang will share not just the story of her family’s flight from the turmoil of Saigon in 1975, but of the long, heart-wrenching journey that took her across the world, first to America, Europe, Asia - and finally Australia.

Visitors to our ‘Human Library’ - the ‘Readers’ - will have an opportunity to borrow fascinating ‘Human Books’ for 20 minutes and have a conversation with them about their stories as refugees, including the challenges of settling in a new country, overcoming stereotypes and starting a new life.

To hear An’s amazing story, and those of our other wonderful ‘Human Books’, bookings are essential on 9976 1562 or

An Ngo Lang, present day.

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