Thursday, 14 March 2019

Make sure you know these common parking rules

Let’s face it, no one likes to get a parking ticket.

To save you getting the road rule book out again here’s a reminder of some common parking rules that people don’t know or get caught out on.

These rules are applicable Australia-wide and can be commonly found around our neighbourhood.

No Stopping signs

Yellow continuous lines along the side of the road

No Parking signs

An exception to the duration applies to Mobility Parking Permit holders which are allowed to park for up to five minutes.

Obstructing access to and from a footpath

Stop on path strip in built-up area

Stopping at or near a bus stop

At some locations, there are Bus Zone signs either side of the bus stop (as pictured below). This has been done to avoid confusion and assist in defining the area.

signs indicating no stopping distances near bus stop


NOTE: Most of these offences carry extra financial penalties and loss of demerit points when carried out in a School Zone.

For more in depth information about the Australian Road Rules visit the Roads & Maritime Service website.

If you would like to report illegal parking or have any concerns, please contact Council Customer Services on 1300 434 434