Monday, 16 March 2020

Streets are much more than places for cars.

Council is committed to designing and delivering public spaces that enhance our community’s lives. Our streets and places of the future will allow people to connect, feel safe and achieve a sense of belonging.

Public spaces for people need to be designed with a sustainable and best-practice integration of infrastructure. This applies across our neighbourhood centres, cultural spaces, landscapes and other public places where people spend time.

We are now harmonising our three former Council’s guidelines around public space and developing a single framework - Northern Beaches Public Space Vision and Design Guidelines. This will allow us to present a unified vision for our public spaces that also recognises the unique character and heritage of the diverse villages and places that make up the Northern Beaches.

The Guidelines will address physical, natural and social aspects, making it possible for us to design inclusive and vibrant places for people across the board.

Share your thoughts and feedback before comments close on Thursday 9 April.

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