Thursday, 5 November 2020

Looking up at the night sky and seeing the moon and other planets has been bringing joy to humanity for millennia.

There are locations on the Northern Beaches where viewing the night sky is particularly rewarding, such as Palm Beach Headland.

With this in mind, Council is proposing to apply to designate this headland as an Urban Night Sky Place with the International Dark Sky Association (IDSA). If successful, it will be the first one of its kind in Australia.

An Urban Night Sky Place has been defined as ‘a park or similar property near a large urban development that is planned and designed to promote an authentic night time experience in the midst of significant artificial light’.

Council has been working closely with a Project Working Group that includes community representatives to prepare an application to the IDSA.

According to Phil Angilley of the North Sydney Astronomical Society and a member of the Project Working Group, "there is nothing better than seeing the look of excitement on the face of a person, young or old, the first time they look through a telescope”.

The proposal is being put forward to help raise awareness of the benefits of good outdoor lighting design that ensures public safety, while protecting the natural night time environment. The proposal also considers how the designation will support the local economy.

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