Thursday, 31 January 2019

Council has recently published a booklet Planning Our Sustainable Future to help the Northern Beaches community understand the changes coming and the way we manage planning.

By 2036 the population of the Northern Beaches is expected to grow from about 252,000 people to between 297,950 and 309,333 residents.

To accommodate our evolving community and manage future growth on the Beaches, we need to think about how our places are planned and built. This involves creating a new roadmap for managing the way the Northern Beaches evolves over the next 20 years and beyond.

The hard work starts now and will run until 2021. We will be working towards a single planning framework for the Northern Beaches to replace our current four Local Environmental Plans (LEPs) and four Development Control Plans (DCPs).

These changes will reflect the priorities already identified in our Community Strategic Plan Shape 2028 and will also address our collective priorities being part of Greater Sydney.

There are many steps in the process and we are relying on the community for its feedback to ensure what we end up with genuinely reflects our places and community. We want as many people as possible – across every suburb and demographic - as all of us can play a role in influencing how growth happens.

First up we are developing a local strategic planning statement for the Northern Beaches - Towards 2040 - providing a vision, along with priorities and actions, to guide future development and demonstrate how we will achieve our targets. Around the same time, we are also developing our Local Housing Strategy which also needs the community’s input.

Register your interest, sign up for a chance to be part of community focus groups and stay up to date at​​​​​ Your Say.

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