Wednesday, 27 May 2020

With welcome rain coming to us earlier this year, dam storage levels have increased overall by more than 35%. However, it is still too early to tell if the situation will improve over the long term. Is it just temporary relief from the state’s drought? Irrespective, water remains a precious resource and we can all do our bit to conserve it.

Council is partnering with Sydney Water to help local businesses reduce their water consumption and costs. Our water efficiency program, the Water Savings Partnership, is helping businesses with high water use to identify water leaks, water loss and water-saving opportunities.

We have been working with high water usage sites including Manly Wharf to identify water saving options such as installing efficient water fixtures and smart-meters. These projects alone have seen water savings of nearly 50,000 litres per day - equivalent to the size of seven Olympic swimming pools each year!

Council will be reaching out to businesses who have high water-saving potential. If you are interested in this program and have a business with high water consumption, please contact our Greener Communities team for more information.

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