Thursday, 9 July 2020

Thank you to our Northern Beaches community who have refilled their water bottles with 258,181 litres of water at eight of our new water stations since 2018. That’s the equivalent of a huge 430,302 standard 600ml plastic water bottles.

With over 230 water fountains locally we can all make a big difference by refilling our reusable drink bottles rather than buying water.

If you’re out and about, and looking to refill your water bottle, check out our handy map which shows you your nearest refill station or bubbler. We’re looking to install more refill stations wherever we can- watch out for new stations at Allambie Oval and Passmore Reserve coming soon. 

These local statistics couldn’t come at a better time of year given it’s Plastic Free July! While it seems many in our community are already doing the right thing, some of you might be looking to explore even more plastic items you can swap out this July.

If you haven’t already swapped out all of the ‘Big 4’ – plastic bags, water bottles, coffee cups and straws - for reusable alternatives, you might want to start there.

If you’ve already ditched these then well done! You might want to move onto a more difficult challenge of shopping without food packaging or setting yourself a goal of no single-use plastics at all for a whole month.

Whatever you choose to avoid, every time you say no to a piece of single use plastic that has a positive impact on our planet - so nice job!

For more tips and tricks on how to reduce single-use plastic visit Plastic Free July’s website.

At any time of year you can take our Swap this for that pledge, and commit to ditching one or more single-use plastics!

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