Tuesday, 15 September 2020

Fairlight and Manly West residents are now enjoying a modern, upgraded facilities building just opened at LM Graham Reserve.

The Reserve, adjacent to Manly Andrew ‘Boy’ Charlton Aquatic Centre, is a busy place year-round and is enjoyed by soccer, cricket, and basketball players and lots of dogs and their walkers.

The old amenities building on the south side of the Reserve was run down and in need of replacing. It was primarily used for storage but also included a canteen and some old toilets.

Council took the opportunity to extend and refurbish the co-generation building adjacent to the Aquatic Centre building, to provide enlarged, modern, and accessible public amenities, additional sports storage, and an improved canteen.

Construction of the new building means the old amenities building will be demolished later this year, providing more room for our four-legged friends; and with a doggie-boom on the Northern Beaches, we need more safe spaces for our furry friends to run, play and socialise.

The demolition of the old building will create an additional 300-square-metres of fenced off-leash space separate from the sporting fields and other areas where dogs can be walked on a lead.

Manly Warringah District Cricket Club Secretary Steve Beatty is more than pleased with the new building.

“The new building extension is excellent.  The old dressing rooms could not fit in a full team!  The facilities are sleek and simple – so easy to keep clean.  Importantly there are public toilets now available – in the past spectators had to walk over to old amenities block.  The storage for club gear is really important for all the community-based teams, as is the scorer's area with a window so they can manage the game.  Overall an A+ result!”

The new facilities cost $550,000 and were designed by Council’s in-house architect. The project was delivered following a commitment from the former Manly Council to provide additional open space at this popular location.  

The additions to the building will not affect the operation of the co-generation plant in any way.

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