• Currawong Wharf

Tuesday, 20 October 2020

For many residents on Pittwater, boating is an essential part of life. Some rely on sea craft as their only means of transport to other parts of the region, while others regularly go out on the water on weekends.

Council is very mindful of the need to keep wharves and jetties in good condition, so they are safe for public transport such as ferries and also private recreational boating.

Recently work has been underway on a series of wharf and jetty upgrades.

Currently Council is working on emergency repairs to Currawong Wharf and recently completed urgent repairs to piles at Great Mackerel Beach wharf.

As well, work has begun on repairs to the Taylors Point Tidal Pool, which includes repair work on the jetty attached to it.

At the Taylors Point Tidal Pool, work will include replacement of some piles, renewal of decking boards and piles to support the netting.  Work is expected to be completed by late November, weather permitting. During the construction works, access to the jetty and water will be restricted to ensure public safety.

Emergency repairs to Currawong Wharf entailed the replacement of piles so the wharf is able to withstand the impact of ferries bumping up alongside, which is a normal part of their operation.

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